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Psalm 17 Eternal Satisfaction vs. Temporary Portion

From June 17-June 30 we were on vacation.  During this time, I took a break from reading through the New Testament to focus on some Psalms.  I read through the Psalm that corresponded with the daily date–i.e. chapters 17-30.  Having quiet time with the Lord like this was very personal and refreshing.

Deliver my soul from…men of this world whose portion is in this life. (Psalm 17:13b/14b)

Before we left on this trip I was really struggling with discontentment…feeling like we never had enough financial/material possessions.  I was focusing on our needs instead of petitioning the Need Provider.  I was focusing on what others have–things that seem average or normal in the world–that I don’t have.  I had deceived myself into thinking that my life should look like “everyone else’s,” that I was entitled to certain possessions, and that life should be fair!

Something about the wording of this verse reminded me that this world and the things of this world are temporary–their portion is only in this life.  They are earthly rewards that will melt away.  It is vain to chase after, to envy over “things.”  It’s not just vain–it’s sin.

This chapter ends with a beautiful reminder:  Because I am righteous, I WILL see You. When I awake, I WILL see you face-to-face and be satisfied!  I am righteous because I have trusted in Jesus’ blood to wash away my sins and let His righteousness be wrapped around my life.  Therefore, I WILL SEE HIM!  He is my portion!  In His presence there is fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore! (Psalm 16:11)

Eternal satisfaction > temporary portion

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