Putting God's Word into Practice…

Exodus 18-20

on February 21, 2018

Chapter 18

  • Jethro “HEARD” about what GOD HAD DONE for Moses and the Israelites and went to see and hear for himself.
  • Moses told him the whole story of God’s power and glory to rescue His people.
  • Jethro rejoiced for all the good the Lord had done in delivering His people.
  • No one is meant to serve people on behalf of the Lord alone.  It’s not healthy or wise.  Trustworthy men who fear the Lord need to serve together.  This is how servants of the Lord endure and peace reigns in the body of God’s people.

Chapter 19

  • Wilderness, wilderness, wilderness…over and over again…reminders that is where the people lived!  It’s where they experienced God.
  • “For all the earth is mine!” Don’t ever forget that!
  • Consecrate–dedicate or set apart for a divine purpose.
  • Where the Lord is, there is power!

Chapter 20

  • Because He is Lord and because they have been delivered from slavery then He has every right to set the rules and enforce them.
  • He must be God alone in our hearts and actions.
  • He is a jealous God–He wants all my heart!  All my worship! All my service!
  • Please show steadfast love to my family line to the thousandth generation unless you return first!
  • Rest is holy
  • The fear of the Lord keeps us from sinning.
  • Altar of stone must not be hewn…we can’t take anything the Lord made and make it more worthy of beautiful for him.  He makes all things well!

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