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Exodus 12-17

on February 14, 2018

Chapter 12

  • Verse 3, “…a lamb for a household.”  This was the requirement for escaping the plague of death.  The sacrifice of one lamb for a household.  It reminded me of Acts 16:31 where the jailer asks Paul what he must do to be saves, and Paul answered, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (The Lamb of God) and you shall be saved, you and your household.”
  • The covering of the lamb’s blood is what saved the Israelite from death plague.
  • They used hyssop to spread the blood.  Hyssop is known for it’s cleansing properties.
  • The Passover should be celebrated for all time as a testimony to the next generation of the saving power of the sacrifice and blood of the Lamb…a reminder of deliverance.
  • The people worshipped!
  • Total deliverance–“all the hosts of the Lord went out from the land of Egypt.” ALL!  Only God can do that!

Chapter 13

  • The recurring phrase, “by a strong hand the Lord brought you out of Egypt (slavery)  The Lord’s hand is strong and mighty.  It is a refuge and comfort to His people and a dread to His enemies.
  • The Lord led His people around by way of wilderness instead of into war.  Sometimes God leads us in to the wilderness because He knows it is safer for us spiritually than to go to battle.  Sometimes the wilderness is for our protection.
  • God hemmed them in with His glory–a cloud in day and fire in night.  And he did not depart from them.

Chapter 14

  • Then God told Moses to tell the people to turn back.  God always gives the right direction even when it feels like it doesn’t make sense.  He is working on a plan for our deliverance and His glory.
  • When the Israelites saw the Egyptians coming after them, they feared greatly.  And they cried out to the Lord.  But they cried out to Him with fear and grumbling. Fear is a common and acceptable response to being pursued by the enemy…Crying out to the Lord in trust, not in grumbles should be our next response.
  • “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will work for your today….the Lord will fight for you, you have only to be silent.”
  • The Lord tells the people to “go forward.” When they obeyed this direction even though it didn’t make sense, they were all delivered across dry ground on the Red Sea while the Egyptian army was desecrated. The Lord received all the glory.
  • The people feared the Lord and believed in Him.

Chapter 15

  • What was their response to this deliverance and salvation? Singing!  They sang praise and worship to the Lord for His glorious triumph, for his strength and salvation, for his power and majesty, for his uniqueness and holiness, for his awesome wonders and steadfast love, for his redemption and guidance, for his reign and rule over all things forever.
  • They walked for three days after this worship service and only found bitter water.  The people grumbled to Moses and he went to the Lord for guidance.  Using a tree, the bitter water became sweet.  Oh Lord, do it in my heart.  Use the cross in my life to make anything bitter-tasting in me into sweetness!  So I can bless and refresh others.
  • The Lord called himself their Healer.  He promised to keep them healthy if they would walk in obedience, listen to the Lord and do what is right.
  • Then he brought them to a place with 12 springs of water.  More than enough!!!

Chapter 16

  • The whole congregation set out for a new wilderness, and they grumbled against Moses.  (I’m sure they thought the land with 70 palm trees and 12 springs was pleasant and good enough. I wonder how often I buck the new wilderness on the way to something better because I think what I have is good enough?)
  • They said they would rather have died in Egypt and then said to Moses, “You brought us out…”  Their anger and grumbling was misplaced!  Moses didn’t bring them out, God did!  Their anger and complaints were really leveled at Him!
  • In spite of their grumbling, the Lord showed them His glory again. He sent them meat and manna.  Morning by morning they gathered manna!  This is what it means to have “daily bread.”  We trust God to provide each day.
  • They had to get up!!! to get their manna!  It melted away with the sun.  If they missed the manna, they missed their meal.
  • They ate manna for 40 years.  Morning by morning the faithful mercy, steadfast love, and provision of their Deliverer.

Chapter 17

  • The people grumbled against Moses again, and said, “Why’d YOU bring us up out of Egypt?” They didn’t have any water!
  • The Lord stood before them on the rock, Moses struck the rock, and water gushed out for all the people.
  • They tested the Lord by saying, “Is the Lord among us or not?”  Bitter water made sweet, manna, healing, cloud/pillar of fire, etc…and they still had a hard time believing that they were in the presence of God–that He was with them constantly.  I’m not judging them.  I often overlook the presence of God when I fixate on my circumstances.
  • Their first battle was against Amalek.  Moses stood with the staff in the air, with the help of some friends when he got weary, and as long as the staff was in the air, the Lord’s army prevailed on the enemy.  They were victorious.
  • The Lord is my Banner–Yahweh Nissi.  He unifies His people when we come under his protection, leadership, and direction.

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