Putting God's Word into Practice…

Jeremiah 17:5-10

on January 14, 2018

17:5-6 Shrub in the Desert (Cursed)

  • No deep roots
  • In a dry, desolate place
  • Doesn’t see any good come
    • Incapable of enjoying life
    • Doesn’t recognize good
  • Living in loneliness.
  • Why?
    • Heart turned away from the Lord.
    • Trust in own strength and strength of man

17:7-8 Tree Planted by Water (Blessed)

  • Deep, watered roots
  • Not fearful or anxious
  • Green and fruitful (life-giving and alive)
  • Doesn’t escape hard times (“When” the heat and drought come.)
  • Why?
    • Trusts in the Lord

17:9-10-Heart Determines if We are a Tree or a Shrub

  • Heart is deceitful and sick
  • Can’t always recognize in whom or what our heart is really trusting
  • The Lord alone truly knows my heart and mind
  • Lord is a just rewarder
  • Gives to everyone according to the fruit of their deeds

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