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Revelation 19:1-10 ~ Worship God

on August 6, 2014

Hallelujah ~ An expression (often spontaneous) of joy, thanks and praise to God; hallal (praise) Yah (Jehovah)

Revelation 17-18 foretells the destruction of this world system–labelled as a prostitute–and the vengeance poured out on those who trample the blood of Jesus and oppress His followers.  Revelation 19 is all of heaven’s response to this swift vindication and display of power.  They cry out, “Hallelujah!”

Worship and praise is the only proper response when we see God’s character and authority on display through His actions.  They worship Him for His salvation.  Those who follow Christ–who love and fear God–will be rescued/saved from judgment and destruction (vs. 1-2).  That is reason enough to worship!  In God’s judgment, His character is evident; He is just and true (vs. 1-2).  What He promises to do, He fulfills.  He is generous; He gives righteousness freely to all who come to Him (vs. 8) and then invites them in for a wondrous wedding reception in Heaven.  (No Macarena line dances there–just our own Personal Jesus!)

Based on John’s response to seeing the worship in Heaven, we see that we are made to worship but sometimes it can be misdirected.  We need a reminder to: “Worship God!”  He alone is worthy of our praise, joy and thanks.

So what can we learn about worship even now:

  1. Focus on God–keep Him central.  Fix our mind on His truth, His character, His power and authority.  He is seated on the throne–in the middle of heaven and our hearts!
  2. Join together!  John witnessed a “great multitude” worshipping God.  Sure, we can worship in our cars or at our kitchen sink, but the joy and power that is experienced in corporate worship can’t be beat!  Recently I attended a Jesus Culture concert and the unified worship of God was powerful!
  3. Be loud! Several references to the volume of worship in heaven are mentioned along with the praise being “cried out.”  God likes loud worship!
  4. It’s acceptable to “fall down” and worship.  Worship should make us feel small and bowing down is a tangible expression of our smallness in light of His greatness, our unworthiness in light of His holiness; our weakness in light of His strength; our humility in light of His honor.

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