Putting God's Word into Practice…

Revelation 16 ~ Take Responsibility

on August 2, 2014

We all know someone who refuses to take responsibility for their poor choices.  They blame everyone they can and insist they were wronged somehow.  Most of the time they blame someone in authority…parents, teacher, boss, police, judge, etc…And the fitting punishment they receive is deemed “unfair.”  Instead of it having its proper effect–humility, repentance, and change–it serves to make them angrier and to continue on their own self-made, destructive path.

When God’s wrath comes on the world, it will be that way too.  With each of the seven plagues written about in this chapter, the people’s hearts harden.  They continue to curse the name of God and refuse to repent and give Him glory.

Is there any area of my life where my circumstances are hardening instead of humbling me? The first step is to repent of that sense of entitlement and anger with God.  Stop blaspheming His name by blaming and complaining.  Start giving God glory!

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