Putting God's Word into Practice…

Isaiah 1:1-20 ~ Hypocrites

on February 26, 2014

For our ladies’ Bible study this week, we were supposed to spend time in Isaiah 1-6.  It has been a rich buffet of learning and conviction, indeed!

Isaiah 1:1-10 ~ When God’s People Stray

  • Separation from the Lord starts when we turn our backs on Him–we rebel, we sin, we act corruptly, we forsake and despise Him.
  • God allows His people to face the consequences of their rebellion (head-sick, heart-sick, battered, wounded, desolated, overthrown by enemies, besieged, abandoned, helpless, and lose the ear of the Lord).
  • In His grace, He always leaves a remnant of His people who will turn back to Him!
  • The pathway to change starts with hearing the word of the Lord, and inclining our ear to the teaching of our God (10).

Isaiah 1:11-15 ~ God’s Description of an Hypocritical Christian

  • vs. 11 Multitude of sacrifices with wrong motive (“Look what I’m giving up for you!”)
  • vs. 12 Come into God’s presence like a parade (“Look at me!”)
  • vs. 13 Sinful celebrations and false fasting
  • vs. 13 Vain offerings–meaningless gifts
  • vs. 15 Pious and plentiful prayers just for the sake of praying
  • vs. 15 Only care about self while trampling others

Mixing sin and church is hypocrisy.  God cannot endure it!  He hates it!  It burdens Him, and He is weary of it! Hypocrites force God to action against His people!

God issues His people a personal invitation to, “Come NOW, let US reason TOGETHER…”  Now is the time to take care of this issue of sin, pride, and false religion!  Our sin is against Him and can only be forgiven by Him.

Isaiah 1:16-20 ~ Getting Right with God

  • Wash yourselves–get clean
  • Cease from evil–just stop!
  • Learn to do good–takes work and diligence
  •           Seek justice/help oppressed
  •           Defend orphans and widows

We can fake others with our religious practices, but we cannot fake God.  Putting His character into practice in our lives proves our position before Him.  Physical, tangible displays of justice, mercy, love, grace, and selflessness–not getting dressed up, appearing at church, putting something in the offering plate, singing songs, or doing what we perceive as required– are what pleases the Lord.  Not to be crass, but a lot of Christians are just “polished turds!”–pretty on the outside but stinky on the inside!

Only Jesus can wash our “religion” away and make us right and pure (18)!  If we submit to His cleaning power in obedience, we will reap abundant blessings (19).  If we rebel, we will be faced with destruction (20)!

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