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1 John 1:1-4 ~ Introduction and Choices

on January 21, 2014

That which was from the beginning, which we have HEARD, which we have SEEN with our eyes, which we LOOKED UPON and have TOUCHED with our hands, concerning the word of life–the life was made manifest, and we have SEEN it, and testify to it and PROCLAIM to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and was made manifest to us–that which we have SEEN and HEARD we PROCLAIM also to you so that you too may have FELLOWSHIP WITH US; and indeed our FELLOWSHIP IS WITH THE FATHER AND WITH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. And we are writing these things so that YOUR JOY MAY BE COMPLETE

Words like “heard,” “seen,” and “touched” in relation to experiencing real relationship with Jesus while He was on earth are used seven times in these four verses.  John witnessed Jesus’ life firsthand.  He worked with, walked with, talked with, learned from, high-fived, bro hugged (or whatever the cultural equivalent would be), etc…with the living Son of God.

This letter is a gift from John to all who are partners with the Father and the Son.  John is proclaiming the realities of Christ to those of us who have never seen, heard or touched Him. John’s aim was to bring us near so we could encounter the same fellowship with Jesus that he himself experienced.  John wanted his readers to have the fullness of joy that the disciples knew by knowing Christ personally.  This letter offers the pathway to unity with fellow followers of Jesus Christ, fellowship with the Lord and complete joy.

Recently, my mom had found success with laundry detergent by Arm and Hammer.  She encouraged me to give it a try although I’ve been using the same detergent for many years.   I chose to give it a shot, and really loved it.  I switched my laundry allegiance.  Several weeks later, she called me gushing about the movie Gravity.  Although her arguments for seeing it were persuasive, I never went to see the movie!  Whenever someone has a firsthand experience with “greatness”  that they share we have two responses.  Even in hearing John’s short firsthand experience with Jesus Christ, we are left with two choices.  Will we believe and embrace Him as the Son of God who really came to earth to live and die for the sins of the world?  Or will we read the passage and walk away unchanged?

One response to “1 John 1:1-4 ~ Introduction and Choices

  1. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed how simple you made sharing seem with the example of your mom. The funny thing is when we all experience some greatness we will go at any length to share our story (Witness). My parents will evangelize to strangers on line at the super market about the detergent they use especially when the value of that detergent exceeds the cost and expectations. Life is about risk and rewards and my parents would risk being rejected by a stranger (inside their community) to tell the tale of the wonderful Arm and Hammer. What gets me is we have a chance at eternal life, forgiveness of sins a relationship with the God of Gods and in most cases…..we tell no one. What might even be worse than not telling anyone is living a life of not showing anyone. If you love Arm and Hammer you would expect to at least be representing by wearing a clean shirt. If you love Jesus what are you wearing on the outside for others to see? What are you wearing in the inside that explodes for others to see?

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