Putting God's Word into Practice…

Hebrews 13:16 Sacrifice of Action

on August 15, 2013

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

“Do not neglect to do good.” Based on my computer’s thesaurus, neglect can be interchanged with the following: forsake, ignore, overlook, leave undone, pay no attention to… How often do I neglect to do good because it doesn’t fit in my daily agenda? Because I am so blinded by my wants that I overlook the needs of others? When I think quickly on the example of Jesus, He never neglected to do good. When he was tired and wanted to be alone to rest or pray, His compassion drove Him to meet the needs of those placed in His path. He allowed crucifixion for the salvation of mankind to make His daily agenda! When I think back over my days and weeks; are they a pleasing sacrifice TO GOD or to me?

“Do not neglect to…share what you have.” This verse does not say to share what you have excess of but WHAT YOU HAVE. It does not say to share with the “needy.” In fact it doesn’t specify whom to share with, implying any and everyone. It’s not about who we share with, but that WE share no matter how little or much we think we have. We can share our time, our possessions, and our abilities for they are not really ours, but God’s gifts to us to be used as He desires.

“For such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” To sacrifice means to surrender something as an offering to God; to give something of value up for the sake of something regarded as more valuable or worthy. Is God more valuable to me than “my” life and time? The number one sacrifice of all time is Jesus Christ laying down His life for the sake of others. If my soul is that valuable to Him, shouldn’t pleasing Him be of utmost value to me?

Jesus, Himself, said in Matthew 9:13, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice.” Putting our faith into practice in our daily lives and dealings with others is far more pleasing to God than religious rituals.

This verse finishes like the last with “to God.” It is so hard to live my life to please God and not to please others. I can do good and share with the wrong motives. Is my good-doing and sharing about my glory or to please God? Do those actions flow out of love, gratitude and reverence for my Savior or out of need to be loved by others?

So much to think about today…

If you like piano-driven 70s music, I recommend this song by Keith Green:


but if you don’t like 70s music, here is a link to the lyrics. I can’t get them out of my head this week.


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