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Hebrews 11:29 By Faith The People…

on July 16, 2013

By faith the people crossed the Red Sea as on dry land, but the Egyptians, when they attempted to do the same, were drowned. Hebrews 11:29

After 430 years in slavery in Egypt, the Israelites were set free to go back to the land that God promised them. The 600,000 men took along their women and children, all kinds of goods and provisions from the Egyptians, and livestock flocks and herds.  This was probably quite the processional!

Wilderness.  As I was reading the account of this in Exodus 13-15, I was surprised to find that God led them the long way out that led through the wilderness.  He did this to protect and strengthen them.  Sometimes I feel like I am in a wilderness figuratively.  Reading this changes my perspective about the wilderness–maybe God has led me there for my own good!?

Enemies.  Next the Lord led the Egyptians to pursue the Israelites.  This was also for their good.  God’s plan was to use the Israelites’ enemies to reveal His ability and power to protect them and fight for them.  The Israelites’ first response when they saw the enemy drawing near was fear.  But Moses told them, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will work for you today.”  Faith must replace fear if we want to see God’s power!

Obstacles.  The Egyptians pursued them all the way to the Red Sea.  They were surrounded with fear, hopelessness, and darkness. They wished they were slaves again instead of being destined to die in the wilderness.  But God had other plans!  God drove the sea back and the Israelites–millions of people and animals–walked across through the night on dry ground.  When the enemies followed, the sea caved in on them, destroying them completely.  God’s power shines the brightest in the dark when all seems lost!

God leads us–individually and even whole groups of His followers–through wildernesses, allows enemies to pursue us and puts obstacles in our paths so that we will put our faith in Him and see Him work in supernatural ways!  This is how our awe and wonder of Him is refreshed.  It also leads us to worship Him for who He is and what He does!

Who is like You, Oh Lord, among the gods?  Who is like You, majestic in holiness, awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders? Exodus 15:11


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