Putting God's Word into Practice…

No Juice! (A Lesson in Hypocrisy)

on March 26, 2013

I read somewhere that juice had little nutritional value and was primarily filled with teeth-rotting sugar.  From that point on I removed all traces of juice from my home and future grocery lists.  My kids would never drink juice again!  From now on they could have a piece of fruit and water…

To wash down their Marshmallow Cocoa Crunch cereal!

When we forget that our righteousness comes from Christ alone, I think we find ourselves in this scenario far too often.  I don’t watch “those” movies, but I….  I don’t drink that, but I…  I don’t eat that, but I…  I would never say that, but I….  Being a follower of Christ, is not the same thing as being a follower of rules.  Saying we follow Christ, and then following other people or things is hypocrisy, and we are all guilty on some levels.  Only Christ’s righteousness can cover our sin of self-righteousness.  Oh, how desperately we need Him!

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