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Hebrews 7 ~ The Word is Living and Active

on March 17, 2013

I’ve been studying this chapter for 3 days trying to make it personal and pouring over the phrases that have stood out to me the most.  

This chapter starts out with a more thorough reference to the King and High Priest of Salem, Melchizedek, who is compared to Jesus.  Melchizedek means Righteousness, and Salem means peace.  In Genesis, Melchizedek bursts onto the scene for a short while and then we don’t hear anymore about him.  He not only was king, but also a priest on behalf of his people–receiving tithes, giving blessings, and offering sacrifices on behalf of sinners.  He was a foreshadowing of a greater King of Righteousness and Peace and a Great High Priest of all people for all time who would burst onto the scene on earth, live a short life, make Himself a sacrifice for the sins of mankind, and be raised to life everlasting! 

The trouble with earthly priests is that they can never obtain perfection for others or attain perfection themselves.  They could only get people so close to God.  We needed a new priest and a better hope of drawing near to God.  Former priests (and current priests) die because they are human and enslaved by the curse of sin, which is death.  Jesus is a priest forever because He took our sin and died for it, yet He lives–conquering sin and death forever.

The Word is Living!  Jesus alone saves completely.  His death allows us to draw near to God through Him.  We can boldly go before the throne of God to find mercy, grace and help (Hebrews 4:16).  He lives so we can be near to the Father.  He doesn’t just live–verse 16 says He has the “power of an indestructible life;” verse 24 says He “continues forever;” and verse 25 says He “always lives.” Therefore, we are always welcome before God!  We are saved completely and eternally.

The Word is Active!  I can remember being in Gatlinburg one time and seeing a T-shirt shop–well maybe 100 T-shirt shops–but one in particular.  The front window was filled with T-shirts that said, “I live for…” baseball, cheerleading, fishing, bowling, etc…  If Jesus had a t-shirt like that it would say, “I live for intercession!”  Interceding for His followers before His Father is constantly on His mind and mouth.  Jesus prays for us!  And the Bible promises that whatever He asks His Father, His Father gives Him.  And we can trust that whatever Jesus asks the Father on our behalf is what is perfect and right and good for us!

Random thoughts:  

  • The word “better” is in this chapter two times and both are linked to Jesus (better hope, better covenant).  Everything about Jesus is better than what we are offered on earth.  Who doesn’t want “better?” Why do we settle for less?
  • “Draw near to God” is mentioned two times as well.  In both cases, we are the ones who desire to draw near to God. James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.”  Jesus is the only way to draw near to God.  If we try to draw near to God through any other means, we will never find Him.

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