Putting God's Word into Practice…

Titus Intro/Chapter 1 ~ Hypocrites!

on February 12, 2013

The island of Crete was well-known for being a place of evil, lying, lazy, gluttons by their own admission.   The perfect place to start churches!  Healthy churches are necessary and possible even in a difficult, opposing environment.  Healthy churches need healthy leaders!  The church at Crete had Titus, and this letter was sent to him by Paul to encourage him but even more than that, for the greater strength of the church through promoting faith, truth, godliness and hope!  

Paul told Titus that he didn’t need to try to carry these responsibilities alone, but to share the burden of leadership with other qualified men. The problem in Crete was that there were many “spiritual” men who professed to know God but their lives were characterized by empty words and deceitful teachings.  They were damaging whole families because of their hypocrisy.  Therefore, Paul gave Titus a list of the kind of men to look for to help shoulder the responsibility of leading the church of Christ.

  • Above reproach
  • The husband of one woman–no polygamy!
  • Children who believe in God and are not wild and rebellious
  • Not arrogant
  • Not quick-tempered
  • Not drunkards
  • Not violent
  • Not greedy
  • Self-controlled
  • Hospitable
  • Lovers of good
  • Upright, holy
  • Disciplined
  • Hold firm to true Word–can teach it and rebuke those who contradict it.

God hates hypocrisy!  He hates falsehood!  If we claim to know God–we must be aiming to live lives that match that knowledge!  Pure living springs from a pure heart and mind.

Did Paul want Titus to ignore the false teachers?  No, he wanted strong, faith-filled, Word-believing, truth-living men to rebuke them!  Did he want the false teachers rebuked to harm them?  No, to restore them to sound faith.  God’s aim in rebuke is never to destroy, but always to restore and save.  God gives grace and peace to people.

Sometimes it’s difficult to apply these letters to pastors to my life, but the one thing that I can do is pray for the leaders of my church to be men above reproach.  Pray that their lives would consistently reflect God’s decrees (Psalm 119:5), that they would stand on truth, and that God would give them boldness to combat deception in this world as it seeps into the church.


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