Putting God's Word into Practice…

2 Timothy 4 ~ Not Really Alone

on February 9, 2013

Paul referred to people who love Christ’s appearing and followed it up by mentioning Demas  as one who was in love with this present world.  We are either one or the other–longing for Christ and Heaven or in love with the things of this present world.  Being in love with the world has it’s own set of problems–never fulfilled, will come to an end, disappointment, quarreling because so many people are in love with the same thing and on the flip side, a certain shallow camaraderie because so many people are in love with the same thing.  Longing for Christ’s appearing also comes with a cost.  It may mean standing “alone,” can come with feelings of desertion, often facing strong and harmful opposition, a poured out life, and having  no earthly advocate.  However, there are promises and rewards mentioned for those who long for Christ’s appearing and none listed for those who love this present world.

  • On the Day that Christ appears He will award a crown of righteousness
  • The Lord stands by and strengthens those who stand for Him
  • He sends us a Helper and Advocate in the Holy Spirit.
  • He fills those who pour out their lives for Him.
  • He rescues from evil and delivers out of this world.

Paul could say with confidence, “I have fought the good fight.  I have finished the race.  I have kept the faith!”  We can say it with confidence too when our eyes are fixed on eternity and our lives are lived in light of Jesus’ return.

Bonus Feature:  Paul didn’t just write deep spiritual truths, but also about practical needs.  This chapter has one of my favorites…”Bring the coat I left with Carpus in Troas…Do your best to come before winter.”


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