Putting God's Word into Practice…

1 Timothy 3 ~ Pillar of Truth

on January 25, 2013

This chapter opens up with a list of qualifications for any man who aspires to lead in the church by being and overseer/elder.  I have to brag on my man here!  He is an elder at our church and as I read through this list, he matches each description–above reproach, one woman man, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money, manages his household well, with all dignity, teaching his boys submissiveness, humble.  I am so blessed! Brad, if you read this, “YOU ROCK!”

As a woman, I can aspire, too.  Verse 11 gives a great list of acceptable behavior for a women who wants to lead or help her husband as he leads.  She must be dignified (worthy of respect), not a slanderer (no malicious talk, no gossip, no speech that damages others), sober-minded (temperate, sensible, self-controlled), and faithful (trustworthy, dependable) in ALL things.

Why are there so many specifications for leadership in the church?  Because we are God’s family, we represent His name!  When we live our lives in such a way that we are “well thought of by outsiders,” and “gain a good standing,” people think well of the Living God whom we represent.  

The church’s purpose is to be a “pillar and buttress” of the truth–to hold it up, support it, show its grandeur, lend beauty to its solidity, be anchored to it, but reaching out from it.  And what is this truth?  The good news of Jesus Christ–the only perfect, sinless Son of God who came to earth to bear our sins on the cross, took our punishment, was raised to new life that we might believe on Him alone for our redemption and salvation and walk in new life in Him!  Or as Paul so poetically described it:

He was manifested in the flesh,

Vindicated by the Spirit,

Seen by angels,

Proclaimed among the nations,

Believed on in the world,

Taken up in glory.

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