Putting God's Word into Practice…

Colossians 1:1-14 ~ Only God

on December 27, 2012

A brief intro:  This is another letter that Paul wrote to strengthen a church while he was incarcerated for proclaiming the name of Jesus.  He wrote it to the believers in Colossi to help them discern false teaching–teaching that was pushing religion and strict rules instead of grace and faith.

Paul started off by telling them why he thanked God for them–because of their great faith and their impartial love for all.  Both their faith and love flowed from their hope in eternity in Heaven because of Jesus.  When our hope is on earthly, temporal things, it is much more difficult to love others.  Setting our hope on eternity loosens the chains of this world and gives us a new perspective and greater ability to love others.  Love is the tangible evidence that the truth of the gospel of God’s grace has taken root and is growing in our lives.

Paul went on to tell them exactly what he prays for them much like he did in his letter to the churches in Philippi and Ephesus.

  1. He wanted them to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in spiritual knowledge and understanding.  This was not to benefit self, but for the reputation of the Lord as being His name-bearers and also that their lives would be pleasing to Him.  Paul wanted their lives to bear fruit in every good work which only comes from knowing and following God’s will.
  2. Paul wanted them to be strengthened with God’s might.  His might is the only might that produces patience, endurance and joy in all circumstances.
  3. He asked that they would be a grateful people.  Grateful for their salvation, redemption and forgiveness.

What a great thing to help others see and understand!  How freeing to know our salvation is ONLY by God through Jesus!  We did not do one thing to deserve it or earn it or even to keep it!  Qualification and deliverance are by God the Father; redemption and forgiveness is through Jesus Christ.  God created us, sin stole us, and Jesus’ blood bought us back.  Let this truth fill our hearts with gratitude and give us discernment when other’s try to say there is more to being a Christian that what Christ did for us!

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