Putting God's Word into Practice…

Philippians 3:1-12 ~ All is Loss

on December 21, 2012

Here we go again–Paul writing about circumcision!  I love the way he gave a disclaimer, “It’s no trouble for me to write this to you, and it is safe for you.”

Paul compared the fleshly circumcision to that of a circumcised heart.  True Christians don’t need any fleshly evidence to prove their commitment to God, but there must be spiritual evidence:

  1. Worship God in Spirit, by the Spirit.
  2. Give glory to Jesus.
  3. Put no confidence in their own lives.

If we follow rules flawlessly, are good in our own eyes, and carry a good reputation in the eyes of others; then we can boast in ourselves and don’t need a Savior.  When we value Jesus, the Savior; all personal, self-willed goodness is like garbage to us.  In fact to really grasp why we need Jesus and what He did for His created people makes knowing Him the supreme treasure in life.  Nothing compares to Him!  Even suffering loses its sting in light of Jesus’ humility, obedience and sacrifice.  Gain is loss; loss is loss!  Gaining Christ is gain!  Material accumulation, accolades and awards, career achievements are momentary and cannot save our souls–only faith in Jesus Christ can do that.

How often do these truths ring in our minds and hearts?  How often are we living like our confidence comes from our own works?

When I am tempted to put confidence in my abilities, willpower, and flesh; let me be drawn again to the cross-to Jesus, my Righteousness!

When I am tempted to give up or grow bitter in suffering; let me be drawn again to the cross-to Jesus, my suffering Savior!

My my Righteous, Savior be my surpassing treasure; eclipsing all earthly things!

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