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Philippians 1:7-11 Affection Affected Prayer

on December 18, 2012

Yesterday I typed four blogs and only two posted, so I have to back track a little!!!  Oh how I have longed to find the two missing ones instead of trying to remember them.  Maybe God just wants to drive the verses home for me a little more.

“I yearn for you all with the affection of Christ Jesus.”  Strong words from Paul to the church at Philippi, coupled with the former comment, “I hold you in my heart.”  Paul was passionate about the believers to whom he was writing.

Last Friday, my husband and sons were invited to go flying with a friend from church.  I was very excited for them, but longed to see them return.  As the 40 minute mark approached, a little white speck appeared in the sky.  I kept my eyes fixed on it until it was more visible, and soon the engine could be heard.  When it rolled to a stop and my boys emerged with joy-filled faces, my yearning to see them was over.  Apply that to what Paul wrote–“the affection of Christ Jesus!”  That longing, that affection–that is how Jesus Christ feels about you and me!  He has set his affection on us!

Not only was this letter one of expressing gratitude, encouragement and love, but Paul also told his friends what he was praying for them.  He issued three requests:

  1. That their love would abound more and more.
  2. That their knowledge would abound more and more.
  3. That their discernment would abound more and more.

The intended outcome of those requests is that the people would:

  1. Make excellent choices (not just good ones).
  2. Lead pure lives.
  3. Allow Jesus to produce good fruit in their lives.
  4. Live in a way that brings glory and praise to God. (Obviously Paul’s prayers were being answered because Paul was giving glory to God for their lives in verse 3.)

Is there anything better that we could pray for those we love and hope that someone is praying for us?


2 responses to “Philippians 1:7-11 Affection Affected Prayer

  1. Amber says:

    The original came through email yesterday. I am very impressed how much u were able to recount from what u originally wrote. Excellent truth for pondering 🙂 I was glad to read it again

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