Putting God's Word into Practice…

Galatians 1 ~ Truly Good News

on November 9, 2012

This is a letter from Paul to the church in Galatia (modern day Turkey).  He had visited and shared the Good News of Jesus there, but after his departure other men came in and tried to change the beliefs of the young Christians.  They tried to make the Christ followers believe Jewish customs (circumcision) were necessary for salvation.  In this way, the false teachers could earn the respect of men.

Paul started off right away pointing to truth–Jesus GAVE HIMSELF for our sins and to deliver us from this evil age, and reminding them of their purpose–to give glory to God the Father.

Paul stressed that man’s gospel is zealous for traditions, is distorted, is contrary to the truth, and aims to please man not God.  Christ’s gospel sets us apart, involves His grace and His opening our eyes to truth, gives glory to God, and involves a complete character transformation (not a bodily transformation like circumcision).  In essence, the true gospel is fully up to God not man.  He calls us, He shows us truth, He changes us!

Today there are false gospels among us.  A gospel that makes people feel good about their sinful condition–tolerating and rationalizing it, a gospel that devalues the grace and cross of Jesus Christ, a gospel that adds work and rules are NO GOSPELS AT ALL.  THEY ARE BAD NEWS!

The true gospel–THE GOOD NEWS–is pure and unchanging.  There are no additives!  True Good News is just Jesus–Jesus giving Himself to deliver us from sin.


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