Putting God's Word into Practice…

2 Corinthians 9 ~ Surpassing Grace and Generosity

on October 29, 2012

Verses 1-5. Paul said the Macedonians were ready, willing and zealous to give to others’ needs.  So much so, that he really did not even need to write to them about it.  Would my generosity be characterized by the word “zealous?” Do I need to be reminded to share with others?

Verses 6-9.  God bountifully sows grace in us so we can bountifully reap grace!  A harvest of grace results in complete contentment in ALL things, at ALL times and abundant fruitfulness in our good works toward others.  Our ability to be generous comes from God’s abundant grace to us.

Verses 10-15.  God is the only one who provides seeds to sow–therefore, all our sowing is impossible apart from Him.  He multiplies and increases what He gives to us–not for our comfort and hoarding, but for our increased generosity.  When we realize these two things, it frees us up to give cheerfully, generously, and bountifully.

Giving results in much thanksgiving to God and glory to Him!!!  I have several material examples of that in our lives.  1) When we got our taxes back last year we owed a debt we could not pay.  Our close friends, received more than they expected, so they took care of our tax need.  And then out of their readiness, willingness, and zeal they did it again the next year.  All praise to God who uses people to help us in our times of need. 2) This past winter my husband had to go to the emergency room and have a lot of tests run.  This cost was going to be more than we were prepared to handle.  When I called the hospital to see what our balance was, they lady told me it had been covered in full!  We couldn’t thank anyone except God–He received all the glory! 3) This summer, due to a strong storm, we had some roof and siding damage that was equal to our “wind, hail deductible.”  So we decided to pray and fix the roof without making a claim on our homeowner’s insurance.  Right before we got started, a check for $2,000 came in the mail from one of my husband’s family members who was overjoyed to help us.  I’m so thankful that God uses the generous hearts of others to meet our needs, and pray that we will always be able to help others when we have the means.

Our level of generosity displays our understanding of the gospel.  Because Christ held nothing back from us–He gave all–we should hold nothing back from others.  We have bountifully received His surpassing grace.  That is grace that goes above and beyond the need!  We need to bountifully steward His grace!  Our gratitude is directly linked to His indescribable, inexpressible give of grace!

In summary.  To give is to sow–sowing results in a harvest.  It always produces something for the planter to plant again and enough to share with others.  It also produces thankfulness.  No one creates seeds, but God.  So thankfulness must always be directed toward Him!

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