Putting God's Word into Practice…

2 Corinthians 2:12-17 Do I smell?

on October 12, 2012

“You smell like my mom?”  My friend gives away a lot of Bath and Body Works lotions because of that quote.  Her husband doesn’t want his woman smelling like his mother.  I happen to love the fragrances and am grateful for her generous heart.

Jesus Christ is my champion!  He rescued me out of the darkness and captured my heart with His love and grace.  Therefore, I follow him with joy!  And as I follow Jesus, I am “spreading the fragrance of the knowledge of Him everywhere” I go.  Think about fragrances for a minute–they permeate!  They rub off on the people around them (Ever spend an afternoon at Caribou and come hope smelling like a coffee bean or smelled your clothes after a campfire!)  Also, fragrances call for a response.  Either we love the fragrance, it reminds us of something or someone good and we want to press into the smell; or we find the smell nauseating and can’t wait to get away from it.

According to the ESV study Bible, the words fragrance and aroma in these verses come from the same Greek words as the ones used throughout the Old Testament for “a sacrifice pleasing to God.”  In verse 15 it says, “For we are the aroma of Christ to God…”  We smell like Jesus to the Father.  We remind God of Jesus’ sacrifice that was pleasing to Him.  When we suffer and sacrifice we also can remind people of Jesus, and they will either love the smell or abhor it.

How people respond to the “fragrance” of Jesus is not our responsibility.  We need to put off a “fragrance” that is pleasing to God–that reminds Him of His Son, Jesus.  There are two ways to “smell” like Jesus.  Let His smell rub off on us through being relationally close to Him.  Also, to copy His smell–by living like Him in affliction and through sacrifice.

Sometimes, as followers of Jesus we smell “stinky” to everyone because we are not living a fragrant life of love, grace, forgiveness and humility.  We can put off a rotten smell and make Christianity a stench to others.  Be sure if people are rejecting your fragrance, that they are rejecting Christ and not just your poor reflection of Him.


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