Putting God's Word into Practice…

How to Survive the Ministry for Pastor’s Wives–Karen Waddles

on September 25, 2012

I went to the breakout session at True Woman that was specifically for wives of pastor’s.  That was a room full of tired women!  Karen asked us to share in a small group if we felt like we were sinking, surviving or thriving in ministry.  Thankfully, God has led me to a place of thriving in ministry.  My heart is full of gratitude and joy over the call He gave to my husband and the work God is doing building His church.  It hasn’t always been that way.  There have definitely been seasons of weariness, anger, disillusionment, discouragement and bitterness.  Both of the ladies in my group said they were somewhere between sinking and surviving–because of either hurts done to their family by church members or discouragement over lack of holiness/disobedience in their church.

Karen said that statistically, 80% of pastor’s wives wish their husband would leave full-time ministry.  Last week I heard James MacDonald say that pastors are leaving the ministry by the thousands. (Wish I could be more specific, but I can’t remember the number he gave!)  What a shame that these men who have been called and chosen by God as His instruments of truth in this world are walking away, quitting.  Maybe it is because there is no one at home cheering them on–no place of safety and security and support.

There are four areas where wives can support their pastor/husband that Karen mentioned.

  • Ministry of discernment
  • Ministry of silence
  • Ministry of prayer
  • Ministry of love

If we pray through those, I believe God will show us exactly what they mean and what they would look like in each of our individual lives.

The final thing that impacted me deals with how we relate to the people in our churches.  Obviously not everyone is a perfect match for friendship, but do we really LOVE them.  Like Karen, I often think that the people that I am hurt by or disappointed with that God must feel the same way about them–NO WAY!  He loves them as much as He loves me!  Lord, help me to see everyone how you see them!  Help me to offer love and grace unconditionally.  Help me to cheer every step forward in people’s lives and not condemn the steps backward (as Janet Parshall put it).

A final quote by John Calvin:  “When we look back on our life from the perspective of eternity, we are going to see that the power of Satan was so great, that the weakness of our flesh was so feeble, and the hostility of the world was so strong that every day of our lives–if God had not intervened-we would never had made it through a day.”  THAT’S GRACE! And we ALL need it every single day!

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