Putting God's Word into Practice…

1 Corinthians 10:1-13 ~ Overthrown

on September 19, 2012

Paul just finished writing about how easy it is to be disqualified spiritually by losing self-control.  He goes on to remind us that God graciously gave us in His Word the history of the Israelites as our example and instruction.  Excuse (or enjoy) the alliteration!  The Israelites encountered the presence of God, His power and protection.  They were partakers of His promises to Moses.  And they experienced His perfect provision for their hunger and thirst. YET, they displeased God and were overthrown in the wilderness.

How were they overthrown?  They became idolaters, indulged in sexual immorality, they tested the Lord by not believing He is who He says and does what He promises, and they grumbled.  (Wait a minute, what was that last one?!)

Paul went on to remind us that we are ALL capable of falling in those ways.  When we think we are standing strong, we are more prone to fall into temptation. Paul also assured us that GOD IS FAITHFUL in temptation!  He provides a way out!  Will we decide to fix our eyes on the Lord and trust His promises, or will we make our own way?  Will we joyfully surrender to His way-trusting His goodness and perfect plan for us, or will we complain, grumble and doubt?  God allowed the Israelites to escape the Egyptian army by passing through the Red Sea on dry land.  Could He not also move them through the wilderness and into the Promised Land by His powerful protection and provision?

For me personally, I get up early and go to into our spare bedroom to meet with God through prayer and reading His Word.  Then my family wakes up and the demands of the day start pressing in on me seemingly from all directions, and I am overthrown!  I don’t respond in a way that pleases God and it is as though I have forgotten who He is, the promises He has made, and the past provision He has given.  He is and has all I need to pass through my days without falling into temptation–especially for me in the area of grumbling!  I can endure each day with grace and joy because my God is faithful!

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