Putting God's Word into Practice…

1 Corinthians 5 ~ Sin in the Church

on September 12, 2012

This chapter starts off referring to a specific, blatant act of sexual immorality (a man living with his step-mother) and moves on to deal with anyone living a lifestyle of sexual immorality, greed, idolatry, verbal abuse, addiction or swindling.

Paul was horrified by what he heard about the church in Corinth, but they were still boasting in their knowledge and tolerating sin in their midst.  Does sin in our church cause us to mourn or do we ignore it–worse yet, tolerate it.  In our culture those who don’t physically partake in sexual immorality probably at least allow themselves to be entertained by it!  It should break our hearts.

When Paul writes about handling those who say they are Christians, but choose to live a lifestyle of self-indulgence he uses phrases like: remove from among you, deliver over to Satan, cleanse out, don’t associate with, don’t even eat with, and purge the evil person from among you.  What would it look like if God’s church took sexual immorality seriously?  Maybe we would look like heartless fools in the world’s eyes, but we would be pure in the eyes of the Holy One–who purchased us with the blood of His Son.

Those who call themselves believers yet are enslaved to sinful behaviors should cause us to mourn.  We need to point them to Christ’s sacrifice on their behalf (7).  A clear picture of Christ’s sacrifice should remind us to desire purity and truth and to not allow His sacrifice to be tarnished with unholy tolerance.

Our fear of the Lord, our desire for the church to be a pure, spotless bride for Jesus, and our love for His name and glory should give us the courage and confidence to turn people over to their own devices if they prefer to live for themselves than for the Lord.  (That’s what God does in Romans 1.) We don’t do this with haste or joy, but with sorrow and in sincere hope that it will lead them to a place where they will be broken before the Lord and want to reconcile with Him and be restore back into the family of God.

How does my heart feel about sin?  Is there any area of my life where I am choosing to indulge myself sinfully?  Lord, if so, show me and help me surrender it to you.


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