Putting God's Word into Practice…

1 Corinthians 4 ~ True Servant Leadership

on September 10, 2012

At first read, I didn’t think there was enough in this chapter to speak to me.  How quickly I forget that every word in the Bible is inspired by God an profitable!  When I think about the Apostle Paul, I would more directly correlate his ministry to that of a current day pastor–wholly separate from a women’s Bible study teacher.  In reality, anyone in any form of ministry can benefit from this chapter.

Good, godly leaders view themselves as servants of Christ and trustworthy stewards of the good news.  They are not puffed up–prideful about their call or the fact they’ve been entrusted with the “mysteries” of God.  They realize that all knowledge, power, wisdom and gifts are from God alone!  Prideful leaders merely talk about the kingdom of God.  Humble servants display the power of the kingdom of God!

Humble servants and stewards are willing to:

  • look foolish and weak
  • go without food and drink
  • dress poorly
  • be beaten for their beliefs
  • be homeless
  • do manual labor
  • bless critics
  • endure persecution
  • confront false accusations
  • be considered scum and garbage

That doesn’t sound like the modern church leader or television “pastors” that people follow in our culture.    Who would want to imitate a leader that lived like that?  Someone who understands the grace of God and the joy found in the gospel!  Do I want to imitate Paul, or would I rather take an easier route?  Am I a servant of God or of man?  Do I care more about my reputation than God’s glory?  Do I serve for man’s approval or for God’s commendation?  Am I willing to sacrifice personal comforts/willing to deny myself for the sake of being a trustworthy steward of the gospel?  Am I willing to be considered weak and foolish by the “natural man?”


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