Putting God's Word into Practice…

Romans 8:1-25

on August 23, 2012

*I was on family vacation for Romans 5-8 and believe it or not, we did not have access to a computer daily.  So in an effort to catch up, I am going to simply type up my notes from each day.*

There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus–we have been set free!

Mind Set on the Flesh:

  1. Live in the flesh
  2. Living dead
  3. Hostile to God
  4. Unsubmissive to God
  5. Cannot please god

Mind Set on the Spirit:

  1. Live and walk according to the Spirit
  2. Results in life and peace
  3. Ally of God
  4. Submissive to God
  5. Please God

What does it mean to have God’s Spirit dwelling in me?

  1. Alive and righteous
  2. I belong to God
  3. No fear
  4. Heir of God; co-heir with Jesus Christ
  5. We will suffer; but will ultimately receive glory.

There’s that number 1-4 being good, but number 5 including suffering again (Like in Romans 5).

How should believers suffer? With hope.  Always compare our suffering to our future glory.  By doing this, our suffering becomes manageable.  Our mind will be set on the Spirit and we will receive life and peace; comfort (like our co-heir, Jesus, in His suffering); fear will be removed; and His power will be at work in us!  Like the hope with which I endured the labor and delivery of my sons; so we endure suffering on earth knowing that our hope is in the new life that follows.


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