Putting God's Word into Practice…

Acts 28-From Malta to Rome

on August 4, 2012

God’s Abundance.  Acts 28:1-10.  The 276 men had lost everything, but their own lives in the process of sailing to Rome.  In the last chapter we saw that they threw all their provisions into the sea in faith that God was going to rescue them.  God not only rescued them, but also rewarded them by using the “barbarians” on Malta to “honor them greatly” and fill their new sailing vessel with “whatever” they needed!  God, in His grace, gives back more than we deserve when we are surrendered to Him.

Rome at Last. Acts 28:11-16.  After years of dangers, toils and snares God fulfilled His promise for Paul.  He supplied all his needs along the way.  God gave him His presence and His voice.  Paul was encouraged by God through faithful friends.  Paul received miraculous protection and power to heal others.  God gave Paul honor in the eyes of man.  Paul responded to his Rome arrival in thankfulness to God.  All of God’s blessings gave Paul courage for what ever else he may face in Rome.

Paul’s Steadfast Message.  Acts 28:17-29.  Paul was able to speak to the Jews first in Rome.  Most did not believe what he proclaimed about Jesus being the fulfillment of the Prophets and Law (Old Testament) nor did they recognize their response to his teaching as the fulfillment of the prophet Isaiah.  Isaiah had said that people would not listen or understand because of dull hearts, stopped up ears and closed eyes.

Fruitful Confinement.  Acts 28:30-31.  Paul remained under house arrest for two years and could not go out to preach.  So God brought the people to him!  In boldness Paul proclaimed Jesus to all God sent and he continued to build up the churches through letter-writing.  I think it is interesting that Luke wrote that Paul worked “without hindrance.”  Most people would see confinement as a hindrance to working for the Lord.  BUT GOD will continue to work through confined people who’s hearts are set on Him!


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