Putting God's Word into Practice…

Acts 21:37-22:29 Paul’s Defense

on July 25, 2012

We left off with Paul being taken to the Roman barracks for safe keeping because the Jews were rioting with the intentions of killing him.  In these verses Paul asked the tribune if he could address the crowd.  When he began to speak to them in Hebrew, they grew silent and listened intently to him.

Paul found common ground with his audience.  He defined himself as a Jew right away, and shared with them how he, too, was zealous for God.  He went on to tell them the personal encounter he had with Jesus Christ that left him forever changed.  No one can oppose an individual’s testimony!  It was when Paul informed them that God told him the Jewish people wouldn’t accept it, and he was going to go also to the Gentiles that they became aroused again, wishing for Paul’s death.

Paul knew what they could not understand.  Being Jewish wasn’t enough; being educated wasn’t enough, being good at following rules wasn’t enough; being zealous for God wasn’t enough.  Paul needed a Savior to call on who could take away his sins.  They needed a Savior too; but they did not want one, and they didn’t want anyone else to have one either!

One verse that impacted my heart was verse 15 in which Ananias was telling Paul, “For you will be a witness FOR HIM TO EVERYONE of what you have seen and heard.”  In ministry, God must come first.  Sometimes I find myself working for everyone to God.  Maybe there’s not much of a difference, but I think that unless everything we do is for Him first, we will never be able to accomplish anything for anyone.

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