Putting God's Word into Practice…

Acts 20 ~ Encouraging Church Leaders

on July 21, 2012

Paul travelled with a culturally diverse group of friends, and they had a ministry not only of apologetics and evangelism, but also of encouragement.  Before departing for Jerusalem from Miletus, Paul called the Ephesian Elders to come to him for some final words about leading and ministering to people.

  1. He reminded them of his example of humbly serving with passion and through opposition, boldly teaching repentance and faith in Jesus in public and in homes.
  2. He restated his goal–that the one aim of life is to finish strong all that God called him to do for the gospel.
  3. He entreated them to closely watch their lives and lives of the people entrusted to them–those bought with Jesus Christ’s own blood.
  4. He warned them to be vigilant against falsehood, flock destroyers and distractors.
  5. He petitioned them to be alert–to remember to cry over the people, to admonish them day and night.
  6. He commended them to God’s grace and His fortifying Word.
  7. He prompted them to word hard and to give, give, give!
  8. He prayed with them.

Encouragement is a big deal–it is how the gospel moves forward and people are cared for.  

Lord, use me to encourage people in leadership in our church–my husband, the elders, and the women who lead women and children.  Let my life be lived as a strong, faithful example of humble service and sacrifice.  Let our church stand on God’s grace and His Word.  And help me to remember to look at everyone through the lens that they’ve been bought with Christ’s own blood.  Keep me faithful in prayer!  In Jesus name, Amen

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