Putting God's Word into Practice…

Acts 19:21-41 Ephesus Upset

on July 19, 2012

In verse 21 Paul states his Spirit-inspired plan to go to Jerusalem by way of Macedonia and Achaia, then head for Rome.  This chapter reminds us that things don’t always go as we plan or picture.  When we are on a mission for God, the one thing we should plan on is opposition.  

The gospel of Jesus Christ was dramatically changing lives in Asia.  The renown of these changes was striking fear in the hearts of the idol-makers in Ephesus.  Spiritual change can scare others, and they may want to cling more tightly to their gods.  Prideful people may become enraged by potential material loss.   When people’s plans, passions and/or possessions are threatened by the powerful work of God, they may go on the defensive.  We see all those things happening here with the idol-makers.  They become enraged enough to upset the whole town.  Townspeople were dragged into a riot without even knowing why.  The gospel brings peace to those who accept it, and unrest to those who reject it.

Regardless of whether we worship small silver idols of Artemis or other things (a diamond ring, sports, shoes, vehicles, furniture, TV, the image in a mirror), they are not the True, Living God.  They are man-made imitations that are meant to distract us from the Creator of all things.  In Jeremiah 2:5, the Lord was angry that His people had turned their hearts to worship worthless idols, and He said in worshiping them, they had become worthless themselves.  OUCH!

Is there any created thing that I place more value on than the Creator of all things?  Is there anything/anyone I love more than Him?  Lord, please let me live a life that is worthwhile in Your eyes.  Let me not be polluted by this world or distracted by the “shiny” things it offers.  May it all “grow strangely dim in light of Your glory and grace.”  In the great name of Jesus I ask, Amen.

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