Putting God's Word into Practice…

Acts 18 ~ Benefits of a Word-Saturated Ministry

on July 17, 2012

The key word that stood out to me was “Word.”  Over and over it is mentioned either as Word or as Scripture.  We can see some benefits of having a ministry that is centered on the Word of God.

  1. It puts the responsibility on the hearer for a response and frees the speaker (6)
  2. People will believe it! (8)
  3. Receives God’s approval and protection (9-10)
  4. When taught it, people will gain knowledge and hunger for more (11)
  5. Although not mentioned in this verse, because of Paul’s consistent approach to ministry, I deduce that he used it to strengthen the disciples (23)
  6. Grants boldness to the teacher (24-26)
  7. Proves itself true through fulfilled promises and prophecies (28)

A Word-saturated ministry takes investment, sacrifice and time.  It requires us to know the Word of God–to be competent in the Scriptures (24).  It requires us to be occupied with the Word.  One of the meanings of occupy is “to take up residence” (a fitting description for a tent-maker, don’t you think?).  We are to be filled with the Word, letting it reside in us.  But another meaning of “occupy” is to be busy. We are to be about the work of the Word–getting it into other people to occupy their lives too.  We are called to teach the Word.

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