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John 17 – Description and Outcome of Supernatural Unity

on June 13, 2012

As I finished reading this chapter, the one thing that stood out to me was the word “one.”  Oneness, or unity, is Christ’s heart for His followers.  Two questions also came to mind that I believe our Savior’s prayer answers. 1. Why is there disunity in the body of Christ? 2. Why does the church seem ineffective in our world?

Description of Supernatural Unity

A group of people who:

  1. keep God’s Word (6)
  2. believe the truth about Jesus (7)
  3. belong to the Father (11)
  4. are filled with Christ’s joy (13)
  5. are set apart for holy service to God in this world (17)
  6. are sent out as humble servants (18)
  7. are filled with God’s love (26)

When there is disunity in the body of Christ it is probably because one of these bonds is out of whack.  Disunity stems from unbelief, fear, selfishness, pride and personal agenda.  

Outcome of Supernatural Unity

  1. People in this world may believe in Him (21)
  2. That people will know God’s love for them (23)
  3. The we will see Jesus’ glory (24)

So why is the church ineffective in our world? Because we are not unified!

I’m going to spend some time searching my heart for areas that I am ineffective with the gospel because of selfish motives and disunity with my fellow followers of Christ.  May we be one as Jesus and the Father are one!


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