Putting God's Word into Practice…

John 16:16-33 Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

on June 12, 2012

Jesus told His disciples they would only see Him a little while longer, then they will not see Him, but again in a little while they will see Him.  The disciples were confused!  They did not want to be separated from Jesus.

Jesus went on to foretell their weeping, lamenting, and sorrowful hearts over being separated from Him, while the rest of the world would rejoice.  Jesus promised that He would turn their sorrow into joy; not by changing their circumstances, but by promising they WILL SEE Him again!  He is our source of joy–seeing Him and being close to Him.  No one can steal that joy, because no one can take Jesus from us. When I feel like I’ve “lost my joy” or that my “joy has been stolen,” it’s probably because I took my eyes off of Jesus as my spring of joy.

When I am not feeling joyful, I need to ask God.  Jesus promised us His joy in 15:11. One of the fruit of the Spirit is joy and Jesus promised that our Good Father will give more of the Spirit (and joy) to those who ask (Luke 11:13).  As we ask, the Father answers, giving us full joy.

In these last few chapters the promises of love, joy and peace are written over and over.  Those are the qualities of life we are all looking for, and they are only found in Jesus Christ.  They are the qualities that will sustain us in this world of trouble.

In this world trouble is certain, and no one is exempt.  Christ promises peace IN THE MIDST of trouble.  He also offers hope that this world is not all there is–that we WILL SEE Him again. So take heart–take courage–You will see your Champion, Jesus Christ.  You will experience fullness of love, joy and peace forever in His presence.


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