Putting God's Word into Practice…

John 8:39-59 Like Abraham

on May 27, 2012

Jesus told the crowd, “If you were like Abraham’s children, you would be doing the works Abraham did.”   Just off the top of my head, here are a few things Abraham was known for:

  1. Recognizing the voice/call of God and following in obedience, no matter the location or the personal cost.
  2. Being willing to offer to sacrifice anything–even his only son–to God because He had first place in Abraham’s life.
  3. Truly believing the promises of God and believing God could do the impossible.
  4. Interceding for God’s mercy in others lives.

Also from these verses we see more marks of someone who may say they believe in God, but don’t really know Him.

  1. Don’t love Jesus
  2. Can’t bear to hear the words of Jesus (truth)
  3. Tell lies, believe lies, and have evil desires.

It is a great danger for people to think they are okay spiritually, but not really have the truth.  There is one only truth, and that truth is Jesus Christ.

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