Putting God's Word into Practice…

John 3:22-36 Rejoice Greatly

on May 15, 2012

In verse 29, John the Baptist said that friends of Jesus rejoice greatly at His voice.  This is why I read my Bible every day, I long to hear from Jesus.  Sometimes what I “hear,” doesn’t cause rejoicing right away–sometimes it causes brokenness.  When I am obedient to what I “hear” there is definitely great rejoicing.  Our eternal joy can be found in nothing else.  Jesus is above all!  Believing His Words seals our hearts that God is true and fills us with the Holy Spirit Whom the Father gives “without measure.”

When we hear and obey the words of Jesus, if we believe, we have joy and eternal life.  When we hear and disobey, we are under the wrath of God.  That’s the part that is hard to think about.  If you are not a “friend of Jesus,” you are an enemy under God’s wrath.  But even His wrath is a way to turn you to His grace.  Jesus took God’s wrath on your behalf at the cross, so that you can have a life filled with perfect peace.  If the truth of Jesus doesn’t cause you to rejoice, go to God and ask Him to change that.


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