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Luke 18:18-43 Notes on Spiritual Blindness

on April 29, 2012
  • In verse 19 Jesus said, “No one is good except God alone.”  Spiritually blind people think that everyone is good except murderers and rapists.  And spiritually blind people question the goodness of God.
  • Spiritually blind people see earthly treasures as more valuable than following Jesus. (vs. 22-23)
  • Spiritually blind people don’t recognize the God can accomplish the impossible. (vs. 27)
  • Spiritually blind people don’t see that Jesus’ life, death and resurrection fulfilled everything the prophets said about the Messiah. (vs. 33-34)
  • People who recognize their blindness call out to Jesus for mercy.
  • People who recognize their blindness want their eyes opened to truth.
  • Jesus hears their cry and opens their eyes because of their faith.
  • Jesus gives them new life and new sight.
  • People with new sight can see to follow Jesus…they aren’t groping in the dark or stumbling on a wrong path.  Those who are blinded by their earthly possessions can’t see to follow Jesus…too much in the way.
  • People who have new sight glorify God.
  • When others see the transforming power of God to open blind eyes, they praise God too.
Lord, if anything is clouding my vision from being able to follow you and glorify you, in your great mercy,  open my eyes to see it.  I want to follow you with a pure heart, be my treasure, my great reward!  

One response to “Luke 18:18-43 Notes on Spiritual Blindness

  1. Barb Miller says:

    You can’t see me, but I am reading you! As always, very insightful.
    Carry on! Love you…

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