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Luke 17:1-10 ~A Few Things I Skipped

on April 24, 2012

I decided to backtrack this morning, because I wasn’t sure yesterday what to do with verses 1-10. It was easy to think through the lesson with the lepers and skip over the first part of the chapter.  But I don’t want to “skip over” anything in God’s Word, knowing that each word is inspired by Him and has a purpose.  I did consult my trusty resources of the ESV study Bible and soniclight.com to help me understand better.

17:1-4 The word “and” that starts off the chapter ties it back to Jesus’ teaching on the love of money and the importance of being eternal minded.  Jesus promised that temptation to sin is sure to come.  This brings more clarity to why He included the request to, “lead me not into temptation,” in the Lord’s prayer.  In every temptation, there is the tempted and the tempter.  Jesus said, “Woe” to the tempter.  Woe to those who tempt the young in faith to sin.  Lord, I ask not only lead me not into temptation, but also let me not be used as a tool to tempt others to sin.  We also see a call to rebuke those caught in sin and to forgive the penitent–over and over and over and over and over and over–well you get the idea!  The amazing thing to me is that God would NOT call us to do something that He doesn’t have the power to do through me and for me.  “Countless second chances we’ve been given at the cross…A second chance is heaven’s heart.” (Rend Collective)

17:5-6.  The disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith.  Jesus’ response seems to say even a tiny bit of faith in God is powerful to do the impossible and to change circumstances.

17:7-10.  Some people fall into the trap of saying they are servants of God but really thinking that God is indebted to them for their work.  “I’ve done all this, when will you help me.”  A real servant of God acknowledges that He owes me nothing, and I owe Him everything…that I should be thanking Him for letting me be His servant.  Thankfully, God is a good and kind Master!  He generously rewards His servants, but not because we deserve it–because of who He is!

Lord, help me to have the heart of a grateful servant.  May I echo verse 10–I am an unworthy servant, I have only done what was my duty.  And please give me the grace to do my duty with joy and a humble heart in response to all You have done in and for me.  In Jesus’ name, Amen

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