Putting God's Word into Practice…

Luke 17:1-20 Importance of Being Thankful

on April 23, 2012

I really focused in specifically on verses 11-19 about the 10 lepers Jesus cleansed or healed.

Lepers were considered unclean and separated from society.   This specific group of 10 met Jesus at the edge of town, but remained “at a distance.”  They lifted up their voices to get noticed; they appealed to Jesus’ mercy (13); they were obedient to His directions (14). Ten were healed, but one one was saved.

Ungrateful people get what they want from God and keep moving forward in their selfishness.  Grateful people get what they ask from God and draw near to Him in praise, worship, humility and thanksgiving.

Although these men could not heal and cleanse themselves, only one man acknowledged with thankfulness that Jesus was the only way that he was in his current condition.  Gratitude gave evidence to an internal change.  Gratitude displays saving faith that our healing is only through Jesus’ power.

There is no such thing as an ungrateful Christian.  Be thankful today for: God’s mercy in your life, that He has made you clean and acceptable so you can draw near to Him, and that He is the only God worthy of praise.

Lord, I remember when I was “at a distance” from You; unclean and unhealthy.  Thank You for giving me the grace to recognize Jesus as the one who could heal and restore me.  Thank You that when I called out; Jesus showed me mercy and healed me.  Thank You for giving me saving faith.  Let me “rejoice in my salvation” today–near to You, at Your feet, with praise and thanks for Your goodness to me.”


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