Putting God's Word into Practice…

Luke 8:22-56 Response to Authority

on April 2, 2012

In this portion of Scripture, we see Jesus’ authority over nature (24), authority over demons (29-33), authority over sickness (44), authority over death (53-55).  But we also see the free will of mankind in response to His authority and His power.  The disciples in the boat during the storm responded with fear (25).  The people of Gerasenes rejected Jesus’ power and authority (37). Jairus and his wife were completely amazed (56).  The bleeding women upon realizing she had been healed responded with humility (47).  And the demon-possessed man sat at the Lord’s feet in loyalty (35) and went away proclaiming in obedience (39).  I put that man’s response last because it’s the response I desire in my own life.  I have been delivered from so much; rescued from darkness.  I see God’s power and authority all around me and seldom really take notice.  Those events should cause me to pause at the feet of the Lord and to go out with a message of my deliverance and hope!

I have made You too small in my eyes

O Lord forgive me

I have believed in a lie

That You were unable to help me

But now, O Lord, I see my wrong

Heal my heart and show Yourself strong

And in my eyes and with my song

O Lord be magnified

O Lord be magnified


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