Putting God's Word into Practice…

Luke 6:37-42 “I” Exam

on March 26, 2012
Yesterday, I read the command in verse 36 that says, “Be merciful EVEN AS your Father is merciful.”  Next Luke pens specific instructions on what that looks like summarized from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.
  • Judge not: Don’t form an opinion or conclusion about someone else
  • Condemn not:  Don’t try to prove or show the guilt of; don’t declare to be unfit for use; don’t express public disapproval of
  • Forgive:  Stop feeling angry or resentful toward an offense, flaw or mistake
  • Give:  Freely offer something; to bestow

These are imperative commands.  We must treat each other in this way.  When we are obedient in the area of pardoning others, God promises to richly bless us.

So, how do we live and relate to others according to these commands?

  1. Realize that we are not the Judge–we are not above Jesus (40).
  2. Give ourselves an eye exam–where are we falling short, can we see clearly? (42)

Christians will be a lot less hypocritical, condemning and judgmental, more forgiving and generous if we let Christ be in charge of others and we focus on seeing Him with clarity.

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