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Luke 6:20-36 What Do You Love? Who Do You Love?

on March 25, 2012

What Do You Love?

Verses 20-26.  Blessed are those who realize true satisfaction and fulfillment cannot be found in earthly possessions, relationships and reputation.  Blessed are those who fully depend on the Lord.  True joy comes by way of laying up heavenly reward.

Woe to those who think this world is all there is; who find their satisfaction and contentment in what they acquire for themselves; who care most about what people think of them.  The eternal joy, blessing and reward will far outweigh the temporary contentment that ends in eternal emptiness.

Who Do You Love?

Verses 27-36.  We are called to love our enemies and those who cannot or will not love us back.  Why would God call us to this kind of living?  Because it’s how He loves!  When we love the unloveable and the unlovely; not only are we promised a reward, but we are called children of the Most High God…FOR HE IS KIND TO THE UNGRATEFUL AND THE EVIL.  When’s the last time I selflessly and sacrificially loved someone who was evil or ungrateful without feeling slighted???  We are called in verse 36, to be merciful, even as our Father is merciful.  EVEN AS!  All that mercy that I don’t deserve but I want for myself, I need to be intentional about freely giving it to others.

Lord, please make me more kind, more loving and more merciful!

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