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Luke 6:1-19 ~ Be Faithful

on March 24, 2012

Today, is one of those days that I feel melancholy.  They don’t happen very often, but generally stem from a deep-seated fear that I’m not changing fast enough and that the sum total of my days are not going to amount to much.  That’s where I found myself when I opened up my Bible this morning.  Specifically the list of the 12 closest followers of Jesus.

Jesus spent all night praying (wouldn’t that be awesome!) before He called from the many disciples 12 who would be His closest companions and with whom He would entrust the progression of the gospel after His return to Heaven.  Did you know that out of those 12 only three wrote books and most are mentioned less than a handful of times.  Does that mean they were insignificant to the work and advancement of the good news?  By no means!  Few disciples minister to great multitudes, few write books, few will ever hear their name mentioned on TV or radio or in blogs/magazine articles. But many are faithfully serving, following and contending for the gospel.  In a world where we are seeing more and more “celebrity pastors,” God is looking for more and more faithful, humble servants who’s lives and decisions will be led by prayer, and who will care more about His Great Name than their own glory.

God, by Your grace, may I press on to be a faithful servant…less of me and more of You!

2 responses to “Luke 6:1-19 ~ Be Faithful

  1. Amber says:

    I can’t wait to share this with Marissa. Recently she has been verbalizing how bothered she is that God may never use her to do something huge (parting of the Red Sea was mentioned)and worthy of being in the bible. I love how she’s thinking big but can see how she may miss how God wants to use her now. This has caused me to self analyze. I too want to do big things for God but when I continually focus on that I lose sight of what He has put infront of me to be faithful in day to day. On my deathbed I want to be able to pray Hezekiah’s prayer “Remember O Lord how I have always been faithful to you and have served you single – mindedly, always doing what pleases you”

  2. I think wanting to be part of something great or to be used in a great way is part of our genetic make-up since we are made in the image of God–and Jesus’ life-purpose was to rescue all of humanity! =)

    I love the verse you mentioned from Isaiah 38:3! I want that for my life too!

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