Putting God's Word into Practice…

Mark 14:1-11 Motives

on March 7, 2012

Worship comes from pure heart, but good deeds can come from a divided heart.  (In reading through the Old Testament last year, I realized that the opposite of being whole-hearted wasn’t “no-hearted” it was half-hearted.)

Mary took something of value and gave it all for Jesus.  Judas Iscariot (cr John 12:1-8) called it a “waste.” Nothing is ever wasted on Jesus!  Jesus rewarded her sacrifice/offering by defending her, giving her story a place in (hi(s)tory) and by calling her actions “beautiful.”

Judas used good deeds to mask bad intentions.  In John it says that Judas was a thief who often dipped into the disciples’ money bag.  Of course he would like the perfume sold and given to the money bag to be distributed to the poor.  {By the way, it is easy for people (pastors/missionaries/lay people) who are walking with and serving Christ to have the perspective that they are poor and don’t have enough, especially if they have to rely on others to meet their financial needs.  Satan can use this thinking to turn us bitter and greedy.} Insulted by Jesus’ public rebuke, Judas finds the chief priests and offers to betray Jesus for money–that he would probably give to the poor, right!!?

  • How often have I not given Christ all because I wanted some for me, or was afraid there wouldn’t be enough for me?  Or worse yet, He wasn’t enough for me?
  • How often has God through His Word or His servants corrected me and with a hard-heart, I’ve gone away angry?
  • How often have I betrayed Christ because of greed for selfish gain?
  • How often do I take matters into my own hands because of I don’t feel like I have enough?

1 Timothy 6:10a says, The LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil.


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