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Mark 8:1-30–No Signs Required

on February 23, 2012

This chapter starts out with another bread-multiplying, stomach-satisfying miracle.  Jesus feeds a new crowd of around 4,000 with seven loaves and some fish and again there are leftovers. The Pharisees come after him asking Him for a sign that He is really sent down from heaven.  This causes Jesus to sigh deeply in His spirit. Then the disciples get into a boat and attempt to manipulate Jesus into another food miracle.  (Oops they only brought one loaf of bread onto the boat, now what will they do???)  All of this is probably frustrating and discouraging to Jesus.

Jesus feeding the 4,000 was not about another sign to make people believe in Him.  It was about Him being a God of compassion and having the ability to provide, to satisfy and to save! (Verses 2-8).  It was about who He is not what He does!  It was not about the bread, but the Bread Giver–not about the sign, but about a Savior!

In verse 29 Jesus asks, “Who do you say I am?”  That is the most important question I can ask myself this morning.  My answer–He is my Savior, He is my Lord!

Who do you say He is?

One response to “Mark 8:1-30–No Signs Required

  1. Ricardo Sanchez says:

    Love it!

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