Putting God's Word into Practice…

Matthew 25:1-35-Wisdom, Abandon, Betrayal, Sacrifice, Abandon

on January 31, 2012

Wisdom (Verses 1-5)  God’s plan specifically called for Jesus to be crucified during the Passover.  Man’s plan was to wait until after the Passover to not cause a scene.  God’s wisdom will always override human wisdom.

Abandon  (Verses 6-13) While Jesus was reclining at the table a woman came and broke her alabaster flask of very expensive ointment and poured it on Jesus.  One definition of abandon is to allow oneself to indulge in the pleasure of giving freely.  This women gave a precious gift to Jesus.  She was accused of wasting her gift.  Nothing is ever wasted when it’s done for Jesus!  He is worthy of our all!

Betrayal (Verse 14-25)  Again, we find Jesus reclining.  (There is a side lesson in that for me that no matter what I’m facing, if it is filtered through the hands of God and part of his plan for me, I should embrace it and rest in his plan.)  Jesus tells the disciples that one of them will betray Him.  Each one wonders if they are capable of it.  But then they find out that Judas is the one.

Sacrifice (Verse 26-29) Passover commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.  God had them kill a lamb and put the blood over their door during the death plague.  Anyone who obeyed was saved from death and walked into freedom.  Jesus says here at the Passover celebration that His blood is going to be poured out for the forgiveness of sins–to save us from death and to bring us freedom.

Abandon (Verse 30-35) Another definition of abandon is “cease to support; desert.”  Jesus tells his disciples they will all abandon Him.  Somehow not being named the betrayer must have boosted their confidence because now they all disagree with Jesus, and say, “Not us, we’ll never fall away.” The harsh reality for me is that I don’t know how I would respond to fearful situations or tragic loss.  It’s easy to say I’d never walk away from God, but we are all capable of it.  At the end Peter says, “I will never…I will not.”  Maybe what they should have done is appeal to His grace.  Lord, whatever You send my way, give me the grace to stay by Your side.  Let me cling to You and trust You.

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